packing for vala

Well that was fun. I’m fairly sure I ain’t “match fit” for travelling and flying. Have packed my bags, carry-on and checked pack. First time I’ve packed for a flight since VALA in February 2020. It’s going to be raining in Melbourne so I’m taking an umbrella but it won’t fit in the pack so I’ll have to carry it in cabin. Quick google to confirm that that was ok. My umbrella is purple and pretty and I do not want to lose it. On the good side, it’ll be warmer in Melbourne than where I live.

I decided taking two laptops was a bit excessive…not to mention additional weight. As it’s close to end of financial year, I need my work laptop to keep on top of things. But it is heavy and has poor battery life which doesn’t make it fab for conferencing. My personal laptop is light and quick with a reasonable battery life.

I’ve been slowly migrating over to my personal laptop as a possible “bring your own device” scenario. I recently had to install the work’s office suite so I could do some database stuff and today I took the final step and added access to my work’s onedrive. All done, and seems to be working and accessing the stuff I need.

Feeling a little anxious and out of practice. Looking forward to flying again. Not sure how I feel entering conference space and meeting with folk, numbers are down so it shouldn’t be too scary. I’ve got a bunch of meetings lined up with vendors, often at the same time as papers – conferencing is always that balance of making sure I get to the key papers and keynotes I want, while ensuring I’m meeting with as many relevant suppliers as I can.

it’s late and this is a test

Oddly, I don’t seem to use my desktop computer on the weekend. This has been happening for a while and I don’t think I’ve really adjusted to that idea mentally.

It’s late, I’m in bed, and in a mood to blog. Possibly nonsense.

A fun day. Starting with brekky in the local cafe…a cafe that I’d been keen to be a regular at for years…and now I am. Coffee is good.

A drive north to the big smoke and the spectacle of wandering around a massive shopping centre. Bought DVDs + pants. Then drove home for dinner and movies.

Basic. Relaxing.