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…can be a tricky thing. For many years I’ve had a pair of Sennheiser HD 515 headphones which have been lovely. I have used them a lot, replaced the pads once and they’re due for another set. I dropped them … Continue reading

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five overdue

It’s been over a month since I last blogged and even longer since I did a round-up of interesting articles. I blame post #blogjune recovery. I’ve had a quick dash back through the last month or so of tweeted articles … Continue reading

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a mixed bag

Oh, did #blogjune finish? Oops, no posts since my summary; failing again :) If you’re going to fail at least fail consistently. I picked up the car on Saturday and so far so good. A few minor things need fixing … Continue reading

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#blogjune 2016 recap

So that’s it then, blogging over for another year. Here’s where I promise that I’ll start blogging again and do so more often. Like I do most years and then fail to deliver :-) With that said, I did manage … Continue reading

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I’m one of those people who likes to have lots of personal things in my work space, dotted about. Things I can glance at and know I’m in my space. Mostly that means books and pictures; the pictures tend to … Continue reading

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yet another sf list

I posted a few years ago around desires to work my way through some of the top SF novels ever, the canon if you like. The hard bit is working out what the canon should and shouldn’t include and whether … Continue reading

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tooling along

Riffing off Kate’s post around staying organised, I’m a little less organised but still have a need to have some structures in place. I posted a few years back about my calendar efforts and re-reading that post I can say … Continue reading

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