Having commented yesterday that piccolo latte is one of my favourite drinks, today I have returned to an old favourite. Despite consuming two piccolos today, I’m now on to a doppio ie a double shot piccolo. I continue to be very fortunate in having a decent roaster near home and a decent roaster near work. I’m very not awake today and I’m struggling to work out why – this may well be filmfest catching up with me, or perhaps I haven’t been eating as well as I should and I’m simply run down. I’ve been eating ok, though regular dieting does take a beating during filmfest. Plus I think I’m narrowly avoiding (touch wood) the festival flu. No garlic tablets consumed this year but have tried to maintain healthy-ish stuff.

No mojo either for interesting blog posts. I’m hoping to write up my review of the Amazon kindle tomorrow. Right at the moment there is continuing discussion on ebooks and the various problems around them: some technical, some contractual, some political. I’ve got a post in my head along those lines too, some of which may well creep into my kindle review. With that said, the price of dedicated readers still needs to drop substantially for them to really take off as a market, and if they don’t drop soon, they may well lose their window of opportunity.

Hmmm…I was about to digress into a rant about cycling but might save that for another day as I’m already behind. That will require a photo too.  Who am I kidding, this entire post is full of digressions :-) Beats looking at stats at least.


According to that source of wit & wisdom, The Sun-Herald, 2009 marks the 30th anniversary of coffee overtaking tea as a substance of addiction in this country. It’s been all downhill since then. We now consume, on average, 4 litres per person per year; I think I consume at least 4 litres a week myself.

However, debate continues over the difference between a flat-white and a latte. I always thought there was more water in the former and milk in the latter. Certainly there does seem to be a differing viscosity. dave points out that some folk speak of the ratio of the cap foam vs normal milk; for others, it’s simply a matter of cup vs glass. Then of course, there’s my current favourite, the piccolo which for me, is a latte but with less than half the milk. Due to the reduced milk, there’s a stronger taste of coffee.