more eee and zork

It’s just been announced that there’s a new eee due out with a bigger screen but similar footprint. It looks like it will be around 75g heavier weighing in at just under a kilo, compared with 920g of my current eee. Personally that’s going in the wrong direction; when I’m ready (and that won’t be for a year or two at least I reckon), I’ll be looking for a lighter eee, optimistically around the half kilo mark. Price point is likely to be around $6-700 but noone’s sure on the Oz model yet. At $500 it was pretty much an instant purchase, at $700 I need to pause and consider. $500 is a fair whack of moolah but at that price, the eee was a bargain and a purchase that I’ve had no regrets about, 3 months later. There’s also an XP version of mine due out next week and the RRP is $579, ie about $80 more just for XP instead of Linux.

I’ll stick with linux, which is proving quite easy to install new software on; if I see a program I like, it’s mostly a matter of

sudo apt-get install program

and that’s enough for it to check the repository, download, and install. I did add the debian repository to the default Xandros one a while back, which means most stuff I want is available. Realised last night I hadn’t installed any text adventures, having come across a mention of Zork in an eee forum. Found the Interactive Fiction Archive, tried to ftp in to get the files and discovered I didn’t have ftp installed. A few seconds later, thanks to apt-get, I was happily ftping game files and a linux interpreter (frotz, which I think I also installed via apt-get).