a lethargic 5

I’m happy to report that full connectivity was restored to the house a day or two before we were due to fly to NZ. Returning home on Sunday, I was happy to discover that we still had net :) I’ll talk more about the NZ trip and tramping the Kepler Track once I’ve sorted out the photos and loaded them to flickr. I have about 130 photos that I need to weed though that should be relatively quick compared to weeding my photos from the European holiday over Dec/Jan. For the Europe set, I’ve managed to get it down to under 300 from around 700 but it still needs a couple more goes. I should have the Kepler set up this week at least.

While I’m in post NZ recovery, here’s 5 random things I’ve tweeted in recent months:

back to the photos

One of the tasks that I have been putting off for a long, long, long time is sorting out all my photos. I did some of the job a few years ago and winnowed out the duplicates and reducing my photo archive from around 25 odd gig to about 6 gig if I recall. I also need to add a lot more photos to my public space on flickr, which apart from the occasional upload from the phone has been almost nonexistent. I have a few local holidays to add and I’m sure there’s at least one European trip I haven’t documented via flickr.

My photo archive is stored on my ageing mac pro, managed with iphoto, and backed up to the NAS. As the development of both has halted I had been wondering whether to upgrade to better options or fudge on. The mac itself still runs beautifully and is quick enough for my needs. I wouldn’t mind some better software and had initially considered Aperture (now discontinued) but think if I go down that path I’ll probably get Adobe’s Lightroom. However Lightroom is mostly sold as a sub these days ($10/month) and not so much as a standalone package. I’m undecided on this though am curious around the potential of running it on my various machines and devices. Running on stationary computer and mobile gadgets is only available via the subscription path.

snail at Keith Tulloch Wines For now at least, iPhoto continues to suffice. I’ve just finished loading all remaining photos from the multitude of SD cards I have accumulated, including this photo from my Hunter trip last year. Unfortunately the mac is not recognising my samsung galaxy s5 phone though it used to recognise the s2. I suspect I’ll need to transfer the files to my windows lappy, from there on to a USB and then on to the mac and into iPhoto. Now that I think about it, I have to do that anyway as my phone archive is stored on the laptop. I could also do the transfer from the lappy straight to the mac via the NAS but suspect sneakernet will be faster and more efficient. I will never escape format wars.


It seems it’s been a little over 2 years since I paid for a flickr account. Over 2 years as I don’t seem to have received a reminder notice from flickr, or maybe my system treated it as spam. As I commented at the time, this was the first time I’d paid for web service type stuff and it remains the only one as far as I know. 2 years on I have no regrets and I have just paid for another 2 years. Admittedly I haven’t added much in the last year though I do have photos in my camera to download. Nor, it turns out, did I get round to labelling my holiday photos from a year ago. Been rather slack really.