Generally slack at updating this but I try to add stuff when I remember.


  • Hudson Hawk [USA] **** – had poor reception upon release but I loved it, and still love it. Was never able to find it on DVD but it’s popped up netflix at last
  • Soylent Green [USA] **** – remains thought provoking and holds up to a revisit. It was interesting to compare with the more recent Snowpiercer
  • Glass Onion [USA] *** – I think I preferred this over its predecessor, Knives Out
  • 明日戰記 (Warriors of Future) [Hong Kong] ** – a so so chinese pastiche on other scifi flicks including Aliens.


  • Amsterdam [Japan/USA] *** – was fun…probably at the upper end of 3 stars


  • JoJo Rabbit [US/NZ/Czech] **** – good balance of humour and sadness


  • Cloud Atlas [Germany/USA/Hong Kong/Singapore/China] ***** – I loved this much and it was paced just right
  • Knives Out [USA] *** – worked well enough but a little long, dragging in the middle
  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker [USA] *** –  dull in parts, better than previous
  • Zombieland: Double Tap [USA] ** – not bad but didn’t quite live up to the first
  • Gemini Man [USA/China] ** – had high hopes for this one: directed by Ang Lee with story by I thought Andrew Niccol but it turns out he re-wrote part of it and is not in the credits. Action movie that could have played with interesting ideas and failed.
  • Men In Black: International [USA] *** – fun, with an easy flow
  • John Wick Chapter 3 – Parabellum [USA] **** – loving this series, a combo of action and gamer sensibility; an american evolution of the action ballet of martial arts movies.


  • Apollo 13 [USA] **** – re-watched recently and still good
  • Capt America: Civil War [USA] *** – I enjoyed it but felt it suffered a little from trying to cram too many things in
  • Fantastic Four [USA] *** – controversial rating but I liked it. Good character development but didn’t handle action well; luckily there wasn’t much action
  • The Jungle Book [USA] *** – was fun, with excellent animation