g is also for grog

I stopped drinking a couple of months ago. Particularly as I was concerned with how alcohol was affecting my sleeping patterns. I get very restless at night; to be honest I’m often fidgety during the day anyway :-) Also I figured it would be good to see if i could actually stop. 

I’m happy to report that stopping has been much easier than I anticipated. My sleep has improved and even better my snoring seems to have eased quite a bit too. Like my dad, I have a reputation for being a horrible snorer. On my trip to Borneo last year, it was reported that my snoring could be heard two rooms away. Now, I no longer sound like a strangled cat on steroids. 

My original intention had been to give up for a couple of weeks and then ease back in but drink less. Now it’s been a couple of months and I’ve had a glass of wine a couple of times altogether. Tonight I had a couple of glasses with dinner and felt light-headed, not felt like that in a long time. Happy to continue in abstinence. 

update: while the wine last night was fine, I didn’t feel particularly great afterward. My wine tolerance has definitely dropped substantially. Sleepwise I was much more restless and kept waking up. Thankfully, my snoring didn’t worsen…this time at least.